Siglufjörður was an important herring centre from 1904 to recent times, when the herring disappeared.Interesting Herring Museum, which was awarded the Micheletti award in 2004. During summer, the atmosphere of the „Herring Era“ is recreated on the museum dock and the locals in vintage costumes salt herring and sing and dance to accordion music.

The Folk Music Centre is located in Madame House where the Rev. Bjarni Thorsteinsson lived from 1888 to 1898. The centre brings to life the world of Icelandic folk music. Visitors can see people of all ages chanting rímur, singing the tvísöngur, reciting nursery rhymes, and playing folk instruments such as the langspil and the Icelandic fidla. The centre also depicts the life of the Rev. Bjarni Thorsteinsson and how he collected the folk songs.

Seven walls have been constructed in the high ground above the town in order to ward off avalanches. Two of them go by the name of Stóri-boli (Big bull), 18 m high, and Litli-boli (Little bull), 14 m high. Together these two walls, completed in 1999, are nearly 1 km in length. There is a beautiful walking route there with an amazing view.