Stafafell, a manor farm, church and a parsonage until 1920. An old pulpit and altar piece are preserved in the church. A jeep track to the colourful Lónsöræfi goes south of Jökulsá, fording Skyndidalsá, and over Kjarrdalsheiði moor to Illikambur. From there on a selection of hiking tours can be made, for example to Sauðhamarstindur (1,319 m) and to the eastern section of Vatnajökull, or across Jökulsá by a footbridge and across Kollumúli to the valley Víðidalur, populated in the 19th century, or to the impressive Tröllakrókar with wind–eroded needles and pinnacles. This whole area, known as Lónsöræfi (“The lón (lagoon) wilderness”), is particularly attractive and varied walking country, giving fairly easy access to the eastern peaks of the Vatnajökull glacier, e.g. Grendill. Hiking tours of various lengths are organized from Stafafell.