Vopnafjörður, a town situated on the southeastern shore of Kolbeinstangi spit. Just offshore are two islets, Miðhólmi and Skiphólmi, which form the harbour. They are connected by a man-made breakwater that serves as protection from the ocean waves. A walking path leads along the breakwater. Vopnafjörður is an ancient trading post that thousands of people passed through during the Icelandic emigration to the West. The East Iceland Emigration Centre is an organization of volunteers interested in re-establishing contact with the descendants of the people who left after the eruption of Askja in 1875 and provide help to those descendants who come to visit their ancestral homeland.

There are beautiful walking routes in the area, information and a map can be found in the information centre. Múlastofa is located in Kaupvangur, cultural centre, and is dedicated to the memory of two brohters, Jón Múli and Jónas Árnason.