Jökuldalsheiði, the moor east of the Fjallgarðar ranges and west of the Jökuldalur valley. Hilly, with sparse vegetation and a number of good fishing lakes, among them Ánavatn which lies parallel to the road. A number of moorland farms were started there after 1840, some of them continuing into the 1940’s. The farms that were inhabited the longest were Rangalón, on the north side of Sænautavatn lake by the main road, 1843–1924, Ármótasel, by the main road by Jökuldalur, 1853–1943, Veturhús, on the east side of Ánavatn lake, 1846–1941, Heiðarsel, on the west side of Ánavatn lake, 1857–1946, and Sænautasel, on the south side of Sænautavatn lake, 1843–1943.